Slat Beds frame solutions for small spaces

Living in a small space is very challenging, especially if your bedroom is tight and squeezed. Small space completely changes the concept of interior design, as one must have a completely different approach in orderĀ  to make it look nice and stylish, while creating the illusion of having more space. Small bedrooms in particular are a nightmare when it comes designing.

Besides appearance, small spaces are inconvenient because of the lack of storage space. With no room to store all your items, you might have to throw some out or leave it laying on the open, which can kill the design completely. Therefore, what you need is a solution for both appearance and convenience issues and, luckily, IKEA has them both.

At IKEA, you will be able to find slat bedsĀ furniture at affordable prices yet with great quality and functionality. As the best small bedroom bedding solution, we recommend their storage bed frames. With over ten storage bed frames in offer, you can choose what suits the style of your room the best, while getting the functionality you need.

IKEA storage beds have integrated drawers in the bed frame. Some have two while others have four drawers and there is even one frame with six drawers for storage. The spacious drawers will give you enough space to store your items without taking up more than what you bed frame storage space has to offer.

As IKEA is a Swedish furniture manufacturer and seller, they are known for the Scandinavian design, also called the Minimalist design. Thanks to this style of manufacturing, most IKEA’s bed frames are made to suit the style, which includes plain colors and modern looks. Each and every one of IKEA’s storage beds can be combined with other furniture so that it looks like a part of a set. Besides plenty of color choices, you can choose from different sizes and structures.

The top three IKEA furniture series that feature storage beds we recommend are Malm, Nordli and the Brimnes series. Each of these bed frames offer quality and durability and they will last for years if you take care of them well. While the Brimnes and Nordli series feature different storage bed options with integrated drawers, the Malm series has a slightly different option. The Malm storage bed at IKEA does not have storage drawers but uses the who compartment inside the bed frame as a huge storage box.

The convenience is incredible with the Malm storage bed, as all you have to do is lift up the slatted bed base to access the storage space. This structure provides the maximized use of space that will be a real lifesaver when it comes to small bedroom issues.

Therefore, if you’re facing the challenge of designing a small sized bedroom, getting a storage bed is your best option, as you will be able to store extra storage without getting an extra closet or a drawer chest. With our recommendations at IKEA, you can also save some of your budget for other necessities, as their products are quite affordable.

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