How to choose the right bed frame and mattress

Your productivity, strength and overall mood depend on how well you sleep and the quality of sleep is dictated by the quality of the surface you sleep on. Therefore, having a bed and a mattress that work well with you is necessary to get the best out of your day. However, having a quality bed does not mean you have to spend thousands of dollars on it. Even the lower budget bedding solutions can do wonders if they suit your needs well. We have prepared this brief guideline to help you choose the best bed and mattress for you.

Search effectively

The biggest mistake people make when purchasing a new bed is settling for one store only. While you are fixed on the idea to get your dream bed in that one store, you could be missing out on tons of offers and promotions from other sellers. Therefore, make sure to look at several different stores and compare their products and pricing to get the best for your money.

Try it out

When searching for the perfect bed, you cant just look at it and know that’s the one. Try out every beds you see as a potential fit. Lay on it and get the feel of what you are buying. Every customer is different and what’s comfortable to one may be awful to another so give the bed a try before you take it home.

Consider the size of your room

A new bed should fit the interior of your room both in terms of design and in terms of size. If you bedroom is medium to small size, getting a king size bed wont be very convenient. In that case, you want to look for more compact beds that can offer good quality and comfort. If your room is larger, feel free to go big with the dimensions and have plenty of room to stretch during your sleep.

Choose the right mattress

Choosing a bed frame is all about size, durability and appearance. However, choosing a mattress is equally, if not more important. The bed frame and the mattress are a team, meaning they work together to provide you the comfort you need. Therefore, when purchasing a bed frame, you need to have in mind the kind of mattress you will be getting for it. Choosing a mattress is really a matter of personal preference, whether you find foam mattresses more comfortable than spring ones and vice versa.

However, keep in mind that if you are going to be looking for a foam mattresses , you should purchase a slatted bed frame, while if you are more of a spring mattress type, a spring bed frame will be required. It is important for both the mattress and the frame to suit each other in order to get the best performance.


Last but definitely no the least, you are going to be considering your budget while looking at the options you have. Even if you are on a tight budget, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a high quality bed that will improve your sleep time. For those on a tight buget, we recommend IKEA, as they have plenty of affordable yet great quality deals.

Consider these few things when purchasing your bed and mattress and we assure you that you wont make a mistake!

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